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Live Webinar: Get in the Know – Actionable Insights with Citrix Analytics


Join our Citrix experts in this technical session to “get in the know” and learn more about Citrix Analytics.

Organizations have more rich data available to them than ever before, but data is only as good as the insights it provides and the actions you can take on it. Gathering this data can be unwieldy and making sense of it can be overwhelming. Citrix Analytics applies machine learning to data that spans network traffic, users, files, and endpoints to identify and take action on malicious user behavior and app performance anomalies.

What you will learn:
• How to detect and analyze threats based on user behavior.
• How to proactively monitor and troubleshoot issues that arise during a user’s logon session.
• How to report bandwidth usage and detect threats, such as malware and phishing sites.
• How to prevent losing intellectual property (i.e. sensitive user information, regulated information, etc.…).

Who should attend:

• Any agency or mission looking to get a better understanding of how they can reduce their operational cost while obtaining security, operational and performance analytics within their application delivery environment.

Featured Speakers:
Brett Engel, USPS Networking Systems Engineer, Citrix
Rich Morrison, USPS Networking Systems Engineer, Citrix
Mathew Varghese, Product Analytics Director, Citrix


GoToWebinar link will be provided prior to webinar.


27 February 2019 02:00 PM – 03:00 PM – Download iCal